How to Get a Green Card Through Marriage

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Green Card Through Marriage

Below is a simple guide on how to get a Green Card through marriage. When you are planning to get married to a U.S citizen, or you are already married to one, it is not automatic that you will be granted citizenship.

Several elaborate processes must be followed among them attending and passing your Green Card marriage interview before issued with a formal U.S citizenship.

How to Get a Green Card Through Marriage

It is important to know that based on your marriage to a U.S citizen, you are eligible for a green card. However, you need to know the following;

a). Through a legitimate and valid marriage to a U.S citizen, there is an assurance of qualifying for a green card. You will have qualified to apply for a green card as the spouse of the U.S citizen.

b). Form I-130 is required to be filed by your U.S citizen spouse on your behalf. Your spouse (person filing the petition) is the petitioner and you (person benefiting from the petition) is the beneficiary. Failure to file your case properly or not follow the required steps can result in your case being delayed, or denied in the worst-case scenario.

It normally takes between 6 to 12 months to process a legitimate form I-130 for a green card through marriage case while the fees chargeable for filling the form averages to about $535 while adjustments would cost $1,225 which are done on form I-485. Removing a condition would require $680 and the form required to be filled in order for the process to kick off is form I-751.

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c). The Marriage Interview is a critical process when applying to get a green card through Marriage. The following are some of the tips of Green Card through marriage interview questions one may be asked;

  • The name of the city your spouse was born in, his birthday, residence, siblings together with their names.
  • Questions on the basic relationship with your spouse such as how you met, when and where you met, where you got married and the place you went for honeymoon.
  • Personal information about your home such as the type of floor or color of the walls you have in your bedroom, sitting or living room.
  • The electronics you have in your bedroom, spouse’s nickname, birthmarks, perfumes, food preference or color.
  • The key to all these  questions is that they would have to be matched with similar responses from your spouse.

List of Documents for Green Card Through Marriage

  • Photos from various dates in different settings of you and your spouse (with friends, your wedding, birth parties, and on other vacations, etc.)
  • Valid Marriage certificate
  • Joint car insurance
  • Various documentation like title deeds, bills with both you and your spouse’s names on it.
  • Joint lease or rental agreement or mortgage
  • Joint medical insurance policy
  • Birth certificates for all your children including the ones you have had together.
  • Joint credit card financial statements
  • Evidence of either a joint personal savings or current bank account
  • Letters or best wishes cards from mutual friends addressing either you, your spouse or both of you

The following are benefits of getting a Green Card through Marriage that you will be entitled to;

  • Live, work and do business in the U.S.
  • Travel freely to and from the U.S .
  • Attend all schools and colleges in the U.S.
  • Opportunity to ultimately apply for citizenship.
  • All your unmarried children who are 21 years of age or below can also qualify for the issuance of green card as your beneficiaries.
  • Ability to sponsor or recommend any of your friends or relatives once you have  acquired permanent residence in the U.S.
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I hope that this post on how to apply for a Green Card through marriage has been of great help to you. It’s critical that you prepare well for the marriage interview as it’s the crucial factor that would determine your issuance of U.S citizenship.

Legitimate research study shows that majority of applicants are denied their rightful citizenship due wrong preparation and failure of marriage before the statutory two years minimum period, which cancels all the above and renders the marriage as a fraud.

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