Green Card Lottery Photo Requirements

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DV Lottery Photo Requirements

The following is a guide on Green Card Lottery Photo requirements. These are the requirements dictated by the US Department of State when it comes to Green Card Lottery photo requirements.

If you aren’t keen on observing them, then this will lead to automatic disqualification. For you to participate in the Green Card Lottery program, your photo must meet all the requirements.

To make sure that your green card lottery photo meets all the requirements, you’re advised to use a professional visa photo service.

Your visa photo must;

  • Feature the clothes you wear on a regular basis
  • Be colored
  • Size; 22mm by 35mm
  • Be not more than 6 months old in order to reflect your current look.
  • Taken in a plain white or off-white background
  • Have your front facing the camera
  • Feature your neutral facial expression; with both eyes open
  • Should feature your full face, with head covering not casting shadow on the face
  • Don’t put on headphones or wireless hands-free devices when taking the green card lottery photo
  • Unless you’re using them for medical reasons, eyeglasses aren’t allowed in your photo. If you’ve had an ocular surgery, you need to have a medical statement from a health practitioner or medical professional. Medical eyeglasses must meet the following requirements:
  1. They must be clear not to obscure the eyes.
  2. They must not cast any shadow to an extent of obscuring your eyes
  3. The flames must not obscure the eyes
  4. Hearing aids are allowed in the photo
  • Photos scanned or copied from official documents such as driver’s licenses aren’t allowed.
  • Besides, magazine photos, snapshots, full-length and mobile phone photos aren’t allowed.
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Additional Requirements For Nonimmigrant Visa Applicants

If you’re using the DS- 1648 or DS-160 form to apply for a nonimmigrant visa, the form will require you to upload your digital photo as part of the application.

Besides, some consulates and embassies will instruct you to bring 1(one) photo that meets all the above requirements to the interview.

Additional Requirements For Immigrant Visa Applicants

If you’re using the DS-260 form to apply for an immigrant visa, you will have to bring two (2) similar photos to the interview. The photos must meet the following requirements;

  • Size; 51×51 mm (2×2inches)
  • Printed on a top-quality photo paper

Green Card Lottery Photo Requirements

DV Lottery applicants must upload their digital images as part of their entry. The digital image must;

  • Be in JPEG file format
  • Size; 600×600 pixels
  • Be in a square aspect ( height equal to the width)
  • Must not exceed 240 kilobytes (KB)

If you’re scanning an existing photo, it must meet these requirements (in addition to the listed digital image requirements):

  • Have a resolution of 12 pixels per mm (300 pixels per inch)
  • Size; 51×51mm ( 2×2 inches)

DV Lottery Selectees

If you are a DV Lottery selectee, you will need to take two (2) similar photos to the program interview. The photos must;

  • Be sized 2×2 inches
  • Be printed on a quality photo paper

Using The DV Lottery photo tool to Crop Your Photo

  • Choose a digital image from your computer
  • Resize the photo
  • Crop it to size 600×600 pixels
  • Save it for printing

Green Card Lottery Photo Examples

Green Card Lottery Photo Examples, DV Lottery Photo Examples
DV Lottery Photo Examples


The above Green Card Lottery photo requirements are very crucial but complex. If you’re applying for DV Lottery, your photos must meet all these requirements failure to which may lead to disqualification.

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I hope that this guide has been of great help to you.

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