Green Card Lottery Interview Experience

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Green Card Lottery Interview Experience

Below are Green Card Lottery interview experiences from DV lottery selectees that is going to be of great help to anyone who will be going for his or her interview very soon.

The questions vary but not that much. Best of luck to Green Card Lottery winners who will be attending their interviews very soon.

Green Card Lottery Interview Experience From Algiers, Capital City of Algeria

My experience with DV lottery 2019AF46XXX



date: November 21, 2017 at 18:36

Location: Algiers

(Couple with two children)


Result (1NL notification letter)

Date: May 15, 2018 (You have been randomly selected for further processing)

Validation of the DS-260 (first time): May 15, 2018

Request to unlock the DS-260 (new passport): June 30, 2018

KCC response with opening of the DS-260: 2 July 2018

Validation of the DS-260 (second and last time): 2 July 2018


DV Lottery Documents Required

Request for sending documents by KCC: June 13, 2019

Sending documents: 13/06/2019 (

Confirmation of documents by KCC: June 14, 2019


The 2NL (2nd notification letter)

Reception of the 2NL (appointment of the interview): July 22, 2019

Date of the appointment of the interview: September 19, 2019 7h45


Medical exam

Request for an appointment for the medical examination: July 23, 2019

Response and obtaining the appointment: August 05, 2019

Appointment for the medical examination: September 09, 2019

Recovery of medical records: September 16, 2019


R.O.R – HBV – DT : (with international vaccination book)



The date of the interview September 19, 2019 7:45

Documents : baccalaureate + Diploma + Sponsor (I-134) + bank statements + Criminal record + birth certificate + Military Card + Marriage certificate with their translations

Visa fees: xx per person


Oath + taking fingerprint

Questions :

What is the year of your baccalaureate?

What is your diploma?

What do you do as a job? (for my wife too)

One question about the sponsor (is your uncle? Yes)

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What is your project once there?

The consul was adorably kind to us barely 2-3 minutes for questions and with a smile we said “visa granted”.

That’s all my experience regarding the DV lottery 2019.

Green Card Lottery Interview Experience From Cameroon

Case Number: 2019AF00046790, Cameroon

Embassy: Yaoundé

1NL: 15th May 2018

DS260: submitted on 1st August 2018, unlocked June 14th 2019 to correct my surname and given name

Submission of Docs: 1st submission 30th April 2019 and resubmitted again on 18th May 2019.

I didn’t receive any email from KCC to submit docs.

7th June 2019: ready for scheduling email received.

2NL: 30th July 2019, interview date 20th September 2019.

Registered my appointment online and did my medicals and started preparing my docs. documents prepared were (birth cert., Advanced level, police certificate(updated),bachelor degree and I-134(even though it was not asked for).

arrived at embassy at 7:10am and met a lot of people. both for IV and DV. but priority was given to IV. we were led in and after security checks, we went and sat waiting to be called to submit our docs and pay fees. it was a long wait and at 11:30 we were called to submit documents. docs submitted were (1NL, 2NL, Birth certificate, updated Police certificated, A level results medicals and my Bachelor degree) please be well prepared in terms of cash because we were all surprised as the exchange rate had increase. hold enough cash on you. some had to go and look for more cash elsewhere.

after submitting ours docs and paying interview fee, we were given a number and asked to wait outside for the number to be called.

At 2pm we were called in and 15mins later my number was called on window 6. there, I met one black guy there. I was surprised.

the Guy: good afternoon

me: good afternoon sir

the guy: what is your name


the guy: when did u have your A level?

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Me: xxx

the guy: married?

me: No

the guy: Children?

Me:NO. he was typing some informations on the computer. he took my fingerprints and gave me a white paper to fill. my heart skipped for a second as i thought it was a refusal paper. but it was an undertaking on joining the military blablabla. I signed and handed to him and he told me to go and have a sit that I would be called later for interview.

At 2:30PM, I was called again to counter 4 an this time it was a nice white man who was there. the interview was like;

CO: good afternoon

Me: good afternoon sir

CO: what is your name?

Me: xxxx

He checked my passport and confirms am the one

CO: four fingers on screen please. But before we start raise your right hand (oath taking)

Me: yes i do

CO: are you married

me: No sir

CO: how many children,

Me: None

CO checks my face and confirms am the one on the computer

then he starts by handing me my original documents (a level, birth certificate and degree)

CO: congrats on your results. I will approve your visa and you will come back in 4 working days to collect

Me: ok thank you sir

CO: (while writing on the yellow paper) do you know where you are going to live in the US?

Me: yes sir. am going to XXX

CO: and who is going to receive you there?

Me: A family friend sir

CO(as he hands me the yellow paper) Okay is good to live with someone who will guide you when you arrive. congratulations and have a nice day

Me: with all smiles, thank you sir and have a nice day too.

the interview with the white did not even last for up to 45 seconds. I left the hall with smiles all over my face.

Green Card Lottery Interview Experience From Paris

My experience with DV lottery 2019AF46XXX

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Oh, it’s been a long journey , but first thank to everyone who stood by me during this entire journey.

Well , I finally passed my interview the 18th September , in Paris embassy

I went over prepared , got copies of everything , but finally they took only few documents ( No sponsor or any financial documents was asked )

CO asked few question , maybe less then 2 minutes , then he said congrats

18 September Interview ( the status changed in CEAC to ready )

19 September status changed to AP ( and here it started the fear because I took everything with me )

20 September status changed to the beautiful ISSUED

25 September got my passport with the VISA and other documents

Well , finally it’s done , but now the serious things will start , a new life and new experience that I’ve been waiting for my whole life

I have some final questions please , I asked the CO to change my address , but he didn’t ( in the immigrant data summary sheet , it still remains the old address ) do I changed directly in the USCIS website after paying the immigrant fees or in the border I inform the agent ?

What are the questions I’ll be asked by the agent ?

And can I enter from NY while the address I gave is in Miami ?

also a last question ,the visa expire in 27 February and I need to enter before that date , my question is I have the right to enter few days before that date ? I mean what if my green card takes time to be ready and my visa expire by that time ? how it works ? or should I go earlier to avoid any possible problem !

Thank you very very much.


I hope that this post on Green Card Lottery interview experience has been of great help to you.

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